Interflek Multicolor
Standard Glaze
Inter Pearl Textured Coat
Inter Pearl Polish Coat
Inter Wall Putty
Inter Primer Sealer
Inter Lux Emulsion
Inter Acrylic Emuslion
Inter Silk
Tex - Quartz Silk
Inter Gloss Enamel
Inter Cryl Top Coat
Red Oxide Primer


Intercolor is an associate company of Al Zubaidi Modern Decorative Systems (GLOBE COAT) and Al Amoodi Stores , which was established in 1976. Intercolor was set up in Al Quoz, in close collaboration with Kalon - a UK based company. Today, Intercolor boasts of an enviable status and recognition in the market. It has become one of the few companies in the Middle East that manufactures ready-to-use multi-colour paints.

The company will shortly provide customers, variety and uniqueness through computer aided colour choice.